Faces Gallery
A series of Ink and Watercolors based on different
creative interpretations of faces.
Ben Dover-Ink & Watercolor 12"X18"
Broken Face-Ink & Watercolor 12"X18"
Bird Face-Ink & Watercolor 12"X18"
Butt Face-Watercolor 12"X18"
Ear Face-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Blue Face-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Hand Mask Face-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Jester-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Laughing Horse-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Llama-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Orbit Lady-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Robo Face-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Snake Skull-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Virgin-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Figure it Out-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
Wrinkle Face-Ink &Watercolor 12"X18"
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