On the following pages, you will find many examples of Art work
by Larry D Brown.  Oil Painting, my first love along with acrylics
and watercolor with a smattering of mixed media and craft work.

There is also a collection of paintings based on Southwestern Rock
Art, mostly made during my studies at NAU as part of my Masters
Degree in the late 80's and early 90's.  The techniques pioneered by
myself, utilize acrylic on raw untreated canvas, kinda like water-
color, using various masking techniques and materials.  I use a lot
of splattering techniques in order to imitate the texture and color
of rock.  My Masters research was all dedicated to the study of
southwestern rock art, which I find mysterious and interesting.

As an art teacher for 38 years, I have taught a lot of students how
to draw and about all of the various drawing media & techniques.
Thus, I have a great many drawings in various media here as well.

All works are offered for sale unless otherwise noted.  Please
contact me for pricing and other information regarding framing
and shipping.  See my
CONTACT page for all of my contact info.

Oil Painting of Buena Vista
Acrylic Painting with Gourd
Acrylic Abstract on raw canvas
Cat Glyph Petrified Forrest Acrylic painting  12"X24"
Vinnie VanGough oil
Sonia Ink and Airbrush 10"X15"
Fused Glass Plate
Stained Glass with Projector Lens
Gourd Mask
HWY 60 Oil Painting
Garbage Can Mural side 1
Garbage Can Mural side 2
Watercolor Resist Painting
Watercolor Resist Painting
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More Ink & Airbrush
Faces Gallery
Gourd Mask