Ageless Turquoise-Acrylic 22"X28"
Deer Spirit-Acrylic 24"X36"
Ram  Efigy-Acrylic 24"X36"
Textile Design-Acrylic 24"X36"
Cliff Dwelling-Acrylic 16"X20"
Stag with Heartline-Acrylic 24"X36"
Hunting Ceremony-Acrylic 23"X28"
Bird Spirits-Acrylic 20"X26"
Brave with Feather-Acrylic 24"X24"
Bathing Maiden-Acrylic 22"X34"
Flute Player-Acrylic 24"X28"
Woman at Window-Acrylic 24"X28"
Some of the canvases on this
page, have a tasseled edge,
done by stripping strings from
the canvas edge, these require a
different mounting and
framing system than a flat
canvas does.
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Kokopeli Acrylic 24"X28"